FRENNSSS, nie ada info yang sedikit unik.... kata mutiara yang berbahasa inggris...... seperti apa ea.???? simak ajah di bawah Kata

 Kata Mutiara Dalam Bahasa Inggris

Kata Kata Mutiara Dalam Bahasa Inggris - Kata Mutiara Terbaru 2012

 Nah, kali ini saya akan mencoba menyajikan yang tak kalah bagusnya yaitu Kata kata Mutiara Dalam Bahasa Inggris. Tak sabar? Simak saja langsung di bawah ini:

Love is beauty, but not every beauty have love
Cinta itu indah, tapi tidak selamanya keindahan mengandung cinta

Politeness Is the oil which reduces the friction against each other.(Demokritus)

Did not know it was love!

Whatever you do, make sure your intentions for the good. Because whatever is done by good intentions, who will produce good results.
No matter what problems you face today, while you still can dream, do not forget to pray prayers tonight. All night ..

Do not judge someone just from what he did, because you also have to know the reason why he is doing.

Sometimes, God give thee of heavy trials, because HE believes in your ability than you believe in yourself.

Someone who does not deserve you would never say: "You deserve a better person than me."

Forget him who has given so many wonderful memories is not easy thing, but if it's best, then let it go!

In love, no need to find someone perfect, but someone who loves what they are, who make you feel perfect.

Something that is difficult when you have to smile, just because you do not want to explain to others why you are sad.

We can not make other people grow up, because being an adult is a choice, not coercion.

You do not have to be PERFECT to have a HAPPY life. 

Just because you have not found someone who treats you well, does not mean you have shared with someone who does. 

The easiest way to find yourself happy is doing what for you laugh and bring you with him who are happy for you. 

He who can make you feel better is he who is the reason why you're sad. 

Success comes to those who would still try though never do wrong. Those who never give up, because the spirit is still there. 

You do not encounter problems need to be as pretty as the other org, Because there were plenty of beautiful people out there, but there is only one you 

Sad when you meet someone who you believe true love, but you must let him go because he could not be owned. 

Physically, there's always someone who is more beautiful than you. That's why a good attitude & personality is always far more important 

In love, find one who loves what they are, not he who you have proved you were worthy of a loved one. 

Sometimes, instead of losing who hurt you, but the fact that he did not do anything to defend yourselves. 

Bad things always happen in this life, you will be hurt, but behind it all there will be happily awaiting reply. 

Easy to care for someone tuk, tuk but make him care about you? HARD! so, do not ever lose someone who cares about you. 

Sometimes, not about him that you miss, but the feeling of who you have when you're with him. 

Sometimes, no matter how many times you convince yourself that you're better off without him, he still had some of your heart. 

Complicate something that you love when he was hurt, but even more difficult when you have to try to hide it. 

In fact Men must respect women for who he is, rather than on his physical appearance. 

In fact Men should be able to make a girl smile when she was sad. 

Sometimes you choose to not easily fall in love, because you are tired of giving everything and end up not having anything. 

If you genuinely love someone, listen to your heart, not the people around you. This is your life! 

Never sacrifice who you are just because someone does not like who you are. 

You do not know what you had until she was gone, though sometimes you know what you have, tp never thought he would go. 

Those who are rich are not those who can afford to buy everything, but those who have something that could not buy anything. 

If you feel always wrong, do not give up. But go back and check what you've done, because surely there are way wrong. 

Do not be proud of what you have. Proud of how you get what you got. 

Do whatever you like. Because you will not feel compelled even if you fail you will not feel disappointed. 

Routines are sometimes boring. But if it's for good, do not you leave, but do it with great pleasure.

Terima kasih atas kunjungannya 
Semoga bermanfaat.


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