1.                   NYOMAN DESMAWATI
2.                  KETUT MARTINI
3.                 KADEK YULI ARIYANI
4.                  PUTU YANA
5.                  ARYA BAWA
6.                 YOGI MIKAYANA
7.                  RAMA SUDARMA
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Chapter 1

1.1    Acknowledgement 2

Chapter 2

2.1       Introduction 3
2.2    Finding 4
Chapter 3

3.1    Conclusion 6
3.2    Recommendations6



            First of all, we’d like to express our gratitude toward the almighty God. We’d like to express our appreciation to security officer in Adirama for giving us permission to do the observation in Adirama hotel. We also would like to thank Mr. gede Sukadana the GM and all the staff who have primited us to observ the new year event in Adirama hotel. We’d like to say thank you to Mr. merta in restaurant, who has helped us in doing to observation. Thanks to our group for the cooperatin until we finished the report on time.


Adirama Beach Hotel Lovina is a uniquely located, cozy beach hotel at Lovina Beach - North Bali. We are eons away from the hectic crowds and traffic jams of southern Bali, but not far from the center of Lovina. Our hotel is situated directly at a quiet, long stretched sandy beach with 180 degrees of ocean view.
Adirama Beach Hotel & Restaurant was founded in 2003 by Dutchman Ruud van Ginkel, shortly after the first Bali bomb, with the intention to actively support the Balinese people and their culture.
After a career of forty years in the steel industry, Ruud, in his new role as host of his hotel in Lovina North Bali, still does not regret this decision which resulted in jobs for over thirty Balinese families and a very special place for you, to relax and dream away during your Bali holidays

Adirama Beach Hotel, Lovina Beach, is centrally located at the North coast of Bali at a distance of approx. 95km from the airport.
By car it will take around 2.5 hrs via the scenic north-south route, which runs from Kuta/Denpasar via the villages Kapal, Mengwi, Bedugul and Singaraja town, to Lovina Beach.
When you have reached Singaraja turn left, following the coastal main road (the Jalan Raya Singaraja-Seririt) to Lovina. Adirama Beach Hotel is located approx. 12km west of Singaraja at the right hand side of the road, in Kaliasem / Lovina Beach West.
Adirama hotel is one of the hotels that implement new year celebration with presenting the show, in which  event the tuning by hotel staff and guests at the hotel.
Event held on the eve of new year celebration are as follow.
1.   Rindik gamelan                                             7 pm – 8 pm
2.   Greeting owner of the hotel                         8 pm – 8.10 pm
3.   Greeting general manager of the hotel       8.10 pm – 8.20 pm

1.   Sekar jagat dance                               8.20 pm – 8. 40 pm
2.   Kreasi cecak dinding                          8.40 pm – 9 pm
3.   Terunajaya dance                               9 pm – 9.15 pm
4.   Kidang kencana dance                      9.15 pm – 10.20 pm                                
5.   Manuk rawa dance                             10.20 pm – 11.35 pm
6.   Music guitar all the staff                      11.35 pm – 11.45 pm
7.   Siska dance                                         11.45 pm – 12.00 pm
1.     Firework                                               12.00 pm - Finish
New Years Eve, special events are organized by Anik. There is a lot of merry music and dancing on the floor, among others the popular "Joged", a secular Balinese dance, in which our guests are invited to join. All dancing girls are students of Anik.
On the menu are extra delicious dishes and at midnight there is fireworks on the beach. In addition to the celebrations held on that night, handshakes and photo with the hotel staff was also carried on as a complement to the event turn of the new year and at night it is in welcome to the new year. 


3.1           CONCLUSION

From the above description can be concluded as follows         :

1.    Celebrated the new year celebration party at the adirama hotel, highlighted by guests and all staff employees of the hotel.
2.   New year’s celebration party will also fill in the various events.
3.   The events the new year has become a tradition every year end, started since the hotel stands.

3.2            RECOMMENDATIONS
Remember, the celebration of the new year is anticipated and desired by the guest staying at the hotel, where guests are not able to celebrate in their country, but they could celebrate the new year in bali, especially in the adirama hotel, although not as vibrant as in its country.
Therefore, on this occasion the authores suggest to the reader or listener to not forget the new year celebrations and the athour also expect positive suggestions readers and listener, and hopefully  this report useful.

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